Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cantorial Music Catching On

Yitzchok Helfgot

Cantor Helfgot was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the very young age of five, after hearing Moshe Koussevitzky's recording of "Akavia Ben Mehallel" Yitzchok Meir knew what his life calling was to be.

At age eight, Cantor Helfgot recorded his first works. He spent the majority of his childhood and teenage years studying voice and Nussach (The Art Of Prayer). He married at the age of twenty. At age 23, Cantor Helfgot held his first concert, he performed three great works, Zilbert's "Mimkomcha", Kwartin's "Tiher Yishmael" and Rosenblatt's "Ad Hena", all of which were masterfully executed, not to mention extremely well received by those in attendance.

It was at this point the world began to realize it had been given a gift from above in Cantor Helfgot, a reincarnation of cantors Rosenblatt, Koussevitzky and Kwartin rolled in to one. Truly living up to his name Helfgot, which is defined as someone who helps G-d, he accomplishes this with his golden voice.

The first position formally held by Cantor Helfgot was at "The Great Synagogue" of Bat Yam, Israel. At 26, Cantor Helfgot was called to be the Head Cantor of "The Central Synagogue" in Frankfurt, Germany where he spent five years until he was recruited to be the Cantor at "The Shule" in Bal Harbor, FL.

Cantor Helfgot regularly appears for Shabbatot around the world where he routinely draws record crowds. Leading the way in the revival of Liturgical Music, Cantor Helfgot has given concerts, spanning six continents. He is currently booked for Shabbosim and concerts through the Spring of 2005. His most recent recording, entitled "Borchi Nafshi“ - Bless O My Soul" has broken Jewish recording sales records. A new album has just been released, "Habeit Mishamayim".

Cantor Helfgot resides in Israel with his wife and six children.

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