Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Waters Of Healing

The lovely Jewish healing verses below are written by Rabbi Shohama Wiener
Moses prays for his sister Miririam's healing by calling out:
"Ah-na El na", "PLEASE RESPOND GOD!" "r'fa na la", "HEAL HER."

Many find it comforting and effective to draw on this ancient plea in praying for our own healing. Chant it over and over. Perhaps a melody will come to you. Perhaps focus on the pure water of the falls soothing you. If you can, sit near water or an open sky and chant the verse, notice your breath as you do.

May the waters of healing, flow through my soul.
May the waters of healing, flow through my heart.
May the waters of healing flow through my form.
Ah-na El na, please Holy One
R'fa na la...Let your healing be done
Ah-na El na, Please heal my soul
R'fa na la...let me be whole.

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