Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Amitai Sandy

Born 1976

Graphic artist, comics creator, illustrator, designer, publisher.

Studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and won an award for outstanding achievements in illustration for his final project.

Published and edited (together with Yaron Nisky and Eyal B) the notorious Israeli comics magazine "Penguins' Perversions".
'Penguins' presented to the baffled audience a combination of raw, black & nonsense humor on the surface, and serious social criticism as an undercurrent.

Since 2003 he's a member of the Dimona comix group, and also the group's publisher. Dimona has participated in European comix festivals and group exhibitions, and the books are distributed all over Europe.

Along with illustrator and animator Uri Ashi he runs Ashisandy studios, and together they illustrate and design books, some of which became Israeli best-sellers. They also do flash animation e-flyers, and other creative projects.

Amitai also dabbles in gig-posters, flyers and e-flyers design for dance clubs and music events. Some of his works appeared in art book collections of gig-posters art, including the prestigious "Art of Rock" book, from Chronicle Books (in the U.S.).


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Matisyahu Hasidic Reggae Superstar

Funny, He Doesn't Look Jamaican

Chart-Topping Matisyahu Wants to Be More Than Just a Hasidic Reggae Superstar

By Teresa WiltzWashington Post Staff WriterSunday, February 19, 2006; N04

Backstage at Madison Square Garden, Matisyahu cuts a striking figure, more rabbinical than reggae, 6 feet 3, all Talmudic beard and tzitzit fringe, shaking hands with the men, smiling at the women, saying, yes, yes, hopefully, one day soon, he'll be the one headlining. God willing .
Just minutes before, he was onstage, rapping and beatboxing, singing praises, bouncing like Bob Marley. Folks in this mostly white crowd of college kids were standing in their seats, arms in the air, jamming to the beat. Hollering. Not a bad way to debut at the Garden, especially for an opening act with an unusual concept -- a Hasidic reggae singer.